• Address:2001 Longxiang Boulevard, Longgang District, Shenzhen
  • Tel: (86) 755 8427 3000
  • Postal Code : 518172
  • International Undergraduate Admissions (non-Chinese citizens): (86) 755 8427 3284
  • E-mail: intladmissions@www.guarumaster.com
  • Local Undergraduate Admissions (Chinese citizens) : (86) 755 8427 3500
  • E-mail: admissions@www.guarumaster.com
  • Graduate Admissions: (86) 755 8427 3900
  • E-mail: gs@www.guarumaster.com


School of Management and Economics
Telephone: 0755-23518500
Email: smeug@www.guarumaster.com

School of Science and Engineering
Telephone: 0755-84273833
Email: sse@www.guarumaster.com

School of Humanities and Social Science
Telephone: 0755-84273199
Email: shssug@www.guarumaster.com

School of Data Science
Telephone: 0755-23517000
Email: sds@www.guarumaster.com

School of Medicine
Telephone: 0755-23516100
Email: medicine@www.guarumaster.com

The School of Medicine, Life and Health Sciences
Telephone: 0755-23519000
Email: lhs@www.guarumaster.com

School of Music
Email: mus@www.guarumaster.com

Graduate School
Telephone: 0755-84273900
Email: gs@www.guarumaster.com


Shaw College
Telephone: 0755-84273098
Email: shaw@www.guarumaster.com

Diligentia College
Telephone: 0755-84273912
Email: diligentia@www.guarumaster.com

Muse College
Telephone: 0755-84273960
Email: muse@www.guarumaster.com

Harmonia College
Telephone: 0755-23515400
Email: harmonia@www.guarumaster.com

Office Contacts

International Admissions
Telephone: 0755-84273284
Email: intladmissions@www.guarumaster.com

Registry Office
Telephone: 0755-84273626
Email: registry@www.guarumaster.com

Financial Office
Telephone: 0755-84273701
Email: financeoffice@www.guarumaster.com

Office of Institutional Advancement / Foundation Office
Telephone: 0755-84273799
Email: foundation@www.guarumaster.com

Human Resources Office
Email: hr@www.guarumaster.com

Telephone: 0755-23515151
Email: library@www.guarumaster.com

Office of Student Affairs
Telephone: 0755-84273671
Email: osa@www.guarumaster.com

Academic Links Office
Telephone: 0755-84273519
Email: oal@www.guarumaster.com

The Center for Innovation Design and Entreprenurship
Telephone: 0755-23518770
Email: cide@www.guarumaster.com

Research Administration Office
Telephone: 0755-84273262
Email: rao@www.guarumaster.com

Communications and Public Relations Office
Telephone: 0755-84273524
Email: cpr@www.guarumaster.com

Campus Development Office
Telephone: 0755-23515458
Email: cdo@www.guarumaster.com

President Office
Telephone: 0755-84273555
Email: presidentoffice@www.guarumaster.com

Administrative Services Office
Telephone: 0755-84273010
Email: aso@www.guarumaster.com

Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research
Telephone: 0755-84273940
Email: clear@www.guarumaster.com

Information Technology Services Office
Telephone: 0755-84273333
Email: isupport@www.guarumaster.com

Career Planning and Development Office
Telephone: 0755-23515888
Email: careerservice@www.guarumaster.com

Security Office
Telephone: 0755-84273200
Email: securityoffice@www.guarumaster.com

University Arts Centre
Telephone: 0755-84273943
Email: uac@www.guarumaster.com

Equipment and Asset Management Office
Telephone: 0755-23516955
Email: eamo@www.guarumaster.com

Buildings and Facilities Management Office
Telephone: 0755-23516358
Email: bfmo@www.guarumaster.com

International Scholar and Student Services Office
Telephone: 0755-23516304
Email: isss@www.guarumaster.com

The University Development Office
Telephone: 0755-84273765
Email: udo@www.guarumaster.com

Alumni Affairs Office
Telephone: 0755-84273683
Email: alumni@www.guarumaster.com